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Page 262 - November 5, 2012

Yaay, it's Monday! I mean: uuugh, it's Monday, but yaay, a new page! Doesn't it look all cozy and wonderful and make you want to go back to bed? I kind of do, not because of the page but because I'm pretty sure I had some kind of homework to do for today but I have no recollection of what that could have been and I've done squat. Well, I can't remember the last time I've turned in something late, so maybe I'll be forgiven. And keeping the comic on schedule is my number one priority anyway, so what the heck.

Sooo, I'm kind of thinking of putting up the option to purchase some kind of prints/posters in the future, because posters are pretty neat and so is money. I've been working on a design for a couple of weeks now every time I've gotten an hour of two free time on my hands. It's about 70% done, so it'll probably take another week for me to polish the whole thing up, and then I'll look into getting it printed. Nope, hat's a lie : I've already looked into it , and I've decided to get it nicely offset-printed  on some sturdy, high quality paper, and in bulk rather than the more common print-on-demand route to keep the cost per print down . Oh, and big! The A2 poster format (that's 23.4 x 16.5 inches) turned out to be really cost-effective offset printed as long as you get like ~100 or more at once, so even at that size I could gladly prize them at something like 25 bucks and not mind the trip to the post office. Plus prints don't spoil and they're easy to store for future sales, so why not? Might as well get myself acquainted with this whole "selling stuff over the internet"-thing that so many other webcomickers seem to be doing.

Anyway, that's a little thumbnail of the print design I'm working on. I put a larger version up as a new piece of vote bait over at TopWebComics for those with excess curiosity. A big thanks to everyone who's been voting this past week, we're still ranked strong in the top 10.~<3