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Page 260 - November 2, 2012

And off we go! Assertive Ville sure is assertive. But sometimes that's what good doggies have to be like, such as in situations when their humans are about to freeze to death and are acting like stubborn babies.

Awww, all of you guys who threw in a vote on for aRTD yesterday: thank you so much and here comes the hugging monster! *Smothering hugging monster attack* Looks like we're currently holding place 4 over at TopWebComics, which is the highest I've ever spotted aRTD to be. Apparently it temporarily reached rank 3 yesterday, but I must have gone to bed by that time already. Anyway, thanks guys! This was such a nice thing to wake up to. ~<3

Boo-hoo, I don't wanna go to school! I have something called "written communication" today and I just know it's going to involve a lot of writing. And... *shudders* ...communicating!