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Page 258 - October 31 , 2012

I managed to finish the cover page for chapter 5 yesterday! *High fives invisible people* But awww, now my page buffer is a page shorter than I previously thought! And I'm starting to have crazy stress-dreams about school work. ;_; But I can do this, o-only seven months left. (Unless I fail to graduate o__o)

Edit and question: oh, drat, looks like I just made up a word, a hole in the ice isn't called a wake after all, nor vake. I guess I just fake-translated the Swedish word "vak" and assumed it would have a convenient cognate in English. But now I'm starting to suspect that there is no English counterpart at all! Using Google translate for both the Swedish "vak" and the Finnish "avanto" just gives me "hole in the ice", and cross-language Wikipedia surfing gets me the page on winter swimming.  Help me, oh native anglophones, do I have any other option than "hole in the ice" here? I'll have to figure out a better way to phrase the last speech bubble otherwise. ;_;