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Page 254 - October 27 , 2012

Yessss! I was able to update! *Kisses laptop* So here you go, it's time for some death by fire! Tomorrow's page is going to look neat, I can tell you that.

I really dislike waking up in an unfamiliar bed far away from home, I get instant stress from the change in routine. But it's nice here, plus the cabin we're sleeping in is about a 10 minute car drive away from my grandparents' place and a 20 minute car+boat ride away from our summer place, so thankfully it's not an "Eeek!" level of unfamiliarity. Plus the whole house is filled with colse relatives, so t's all good. By the way, "big family get-together" in my case means 8 people, so no need to worry about me having a social anxiety breakdown even.

Tomorrow's page might be a few hours late from the usual update schedchule, since I'm using my aunt's laptop to do this and I'm not sure if she'll be around tomorrow morning anymore. I'll probably update once I get home in he afternoon. So those of you on the other side of the pond who wait around midnight for the next page to come up: don't, just go to bed and get some sleep already! Read the page in the morning instead, you silly-boos.