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Page 251 - October 24 , 2012

Yes, that is ice, and bad things will happen. Then good things will happen, but telling you guys that would be a spoiler, so I won't.

So, I'm sure most of you are familiar with that odd moment when you do an error in real life, and you mentally (sometimes even physically) reach for an "undo" button. It's a moment when you realize that the machines are slowly taking over your brain, and they are going to rule us all. Well, yesterday I took the next step into machine-brainery: I was reading a book, the kind that's made from actual dead trees, and once it was time to turn the page I instead reached out to the keyboard next to me and pressed the "down" arrow in an futile attempt to get the text on the page to scroll down. It was a very confusing few seconds, even a tiny bit frustrating because I simply couldn't figure out how to get to the next page of the book and continue reading. ;_;

Oh, and new vote bait thingie on TopWebComics: the freshly scanned linearts for pages 247-251. On the one for 248 you can even see the pencil sketch I left for myself in the large-ish scenery panel. By the way, I was very happy to notice that aRTD is still hanging in there in the top 10 for this month even though I haven't offered any juicy pieces of vote bait for the ten pages or so. So, thank you all for this. :3