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Page 249 - October 22 , 2012

Look at that dumb beast, standing there all like "durrr, I can't swim!" and Ville being all like "But I can LOLL!!!1eleven!", except in a slightly more serious fashion.

Gahh, I have to go back to school again? That four-day weekend went by as quick as a normal one! And I didn't even get any extra work done, apart from that one extremely annoying piece of homework that I finished around midnight yesterday. At least I got some normal human levels of sleep during these few days, so that's good. By the way, have I mentioned how much I hate homework? Oh, I have? Well, I'll be mentioning it a lot during the next seven or eight months, all the way until graduation day. "Complaining makes things easier", that is one of my mottos. "Candy makes things easier", that's another one.