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Page 241 - October 14 , 2012

Clearly, every single thing must go wrong before anything at all can go right. Let's see just how much crappier I can make Hannu and Ville's situation before this chapter is over.

I'm in such a great mood today, because apparently this year's sitcom season has kicked off after some excruciating months of summer, filled with re-watching old episodes of every single show I follow.  Actually it looks like the season started a few weeks ago for many of them, so I got a few new episodes each to enjoy. Oh, and thank you, Great Deciders of American television for granting "Parks and Recreation" a fourth season! I will sacrifice cookies as an offering and praise your divinity by singing in the shower! And "It's always sunny in Philadelphia", which is my second favourite show, finally released the first episode of their eighth season this week after a hiatus of a whole year! I haven't even dared to watch it yet, because I've been waiting so eagerly for it and my expectations are ridiculously high right now. x_x

It's kind of odd how strikingly different my two favourite sitcoms are, the only thing they seem to have in common is the absense of a laugh track or live audience laughs and that both had a rather weak first season. IASIPhiladelphia is the kind of show where you're supposed to love seeing the characters fail spectacularly at every crazy scheme that they come up with, because they're simply awful people (perhaps with the exception of Charlie, he's... something else). "Parcs and Rec" on the other hand... I can't help but love very single character to bits! And even if the whole town of Pawnee seems to consist of weirdos and lunatics, I just want to pack my bags, move to the States and settle down in that particular town! Sure, Pawnee may not technically exist in real life, but maybe if I wish hard enough, it will come true. ;_;

Well, that's my weekend. The world needs more American sitcoms, darnit! But now I really should get working on some homework...