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Page 237 - October 10, 2012

Ville did spazz out! No crying though. Yet.

This page looks...lame, because of those practically non-existent backgrounds and severe lack of value contrast. I think this is my least favourite page in a while, it's not awful or anything, but I'm still quite disappointed with it. Here's what I think happened: for most of this chapter I've been using trees and various other kinds of vegetation to create much of the balance of the page layouts, using them as secondary framing elements within panels, to show off depth in the backgrounds and to add some of that much needed value contrast with large areas colored completely black. I guess this page kind of caught me by surprise and I didn't really know how to handle those backgrounds without any trees and stuff around to grab on for some support.  

Eeee, I can barely believe it, aRTD went from rank 8 to rank 6 on Topwebcomics yesterday! You guys are simply wonderful! Oooh, let's celebrate with some imaginary candy! Focus on the best, tastiest candy in the world and think about eating a whole fistful of it. Mmmm, such yummy non-candy... Okay, now everyone go buy some real candy to feast on, because imaginary candy is severely disappointing and makes no-one happy. It tastes like thoughts!