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Page 234 - October 7, 2012

Looks like Hannu isn't a very tempting prey. Ville on the other hand, he's definitely something worth hunting down and ...uh, eating, I guess? Yeah, I really have no idea whether the Moose of Hiisi is carnivorous or not. It doesn't really seem to have guts to begin with, so maybe eating isn't much of a concern. And I guess Hannu has a extraordinarily thick skull or something, since his brain isn't splattered all across the place yet. Actually I think I can provide a more plausible explanation: both the tree trunk and monster beastie here consist of rotting wood, so they're relatively soft after all, meaning less brain splatter. Alternatively: magic. Everything odd that happens is because of magic.

Arrgh, it's Monday tomorrow and once again I have homework due in the morning that I haven't even started working on. It's not even the relatively fun kind of homework where I get to draw something, it's supposed to be a friggin' slideshow presentation about commercial visual identities. I...what?! I can't pull that off! I have no idea whatsoever about visual identities, my presentation is going to be about as lame as cold lasagna and an absolute embarrassment. Oh, why can't you just die and go away, stupid homework! I hate you so much right now, homework! x__x

Well, now that we've gotten my angst about schoolwork over with, let's see if I had anything else to write today...*thinking face*...ah, yes: new vote incentive for Topwebcomics! It's the uncolored ink linearts for pages 231-234, that's six pages in total. By the way, aRTD actually reached rank 7 yesterday. Yes, 7! That's the highest place we've evere reached! ;_;