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Page 232 - October 5 , 2012

It was bound to happen, we all knew Hannu was going to smash his head into something once again sooner or later. Well, at least he didn't die. Could you imagine how boring the remainder of the comic would be if I had to finish it with Ville as the only main character? Not to mention depressing, he would probably just be crying for the rest of the story.

Eee, aRTD has risen to rank 10 on Topwebcomics due to yesterday's vote incentive. =^_^= I guess baby Ville is a real gem of a vote bait, eh? The competition seems to be really tight around the bottom end of the top 10 right now, so for all I know we may have been pushed down already as I'm writing this, but I don't care. Even a short peek into the top bunch makes me all jiddy inside. You guys are wonderful, and I'll send an internet-hug through to everyone right now! *Hugs screen*