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Page 227 - September 29, 2012

Oh, the horror! I hope no-one is disappointed with the lack of things suddenly leaping out of bushes and the replacing abundance of things peacefully standing around in clearings. Grazing, apparently.

It's Sunday tomorrow, so there will be no page as usual and you'll get to enjoy this cliffhangerish situation for a day. I'm thinking of skipping my Sunday break for...*checks upcoming pages*...the whole next month! There will be a lot of stuff going down in this chapter from now on, and that one-day break every week would probably kill a good deal of the momentum. I've managed to work my buffer up to a comfortable 108 pages, and I'm not too worried about it starting to get depleted by the rapid update speed. So it's all good and dandy, it'll be nice month.

See you guys on monday!