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Page 225 - September 27, 2012

No monsters yet. :B

Hnngh, I have a massive homework-project due tomorrow morning, and I have completed exactly 0% of it so far. Okay, I've been kind of thinking about it all week, so...10% completed, maybe? I guess I'll just have to stay at school 'til midnight or something to get it done, I have a feeling that's the general plan most of my classmates are going with too. Any kind of homework project tends to end up like that. No one does anything until the last few days, then work like crazy all night long and show up to the presentation/ critique session like some kind of pitiful zombies, going "Uuurgh, I can't remember my name, but I made that thing on the wall. o_x" Yeah, that's my plan, I think it'll work out just fine.

Oh right, new vote incentive: the ink linearts for the last three pages, this one included. :3