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Page 199 - August 30, 2012

Hnnngh! So close to 200 pages! Just a... little bit...further...tomorrow! xC

Another thing that happens tomorrow is this: the darn screen printing course will finally be over! I'll be able to sleep more than five hours a night and I have so many cool things to bombard you guys with. It's about time too, I've now reached a point where I'm having exhaustion induced nightmares about this particular printing technique. Last night's dream: I spent the whole day making silk screen posters for a customer, and once the job was finally done and laced with my tears and blood, the customer decided that she would actually prefer one small snippet of text in the bottom left corner of the poster to be placed in the bottom right corner instead. So back to work! Also, I had forgotten to change into proper clothes in the morning so I was still wearing a crazy, thin, dress-like pyjamas and was not able to find any place to change into something more...appropriate. Even the bathroom stalls were all missing their doors! Well, at least it wasn't the kind of dream where I was completely naked. o_o