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Page 194 - August 24, 2012

Aww, why did this page have to turn out so irritatingly mediocre? It's an action scene for dog's sake, it should be depicted with a real humdigger of a page. The first panel turned out okay, but I really dropped the ball when composing the second panel, which made my confidence and enthusiasm for the page to drop like a sack of rocks. This of course lead to me half-assing the rest of the page, because it's nearly impossible for me to draw properly once I've sunken into the mood of "This page sucks! I hate all of this! I'll never be able to become a comic artist! Everyone hates me!". So, as a result we've got very mediocre lineart and panel composition, mediocre coloring and terribly mediocre effects. Blah!

This certainly isn't the worst page in the comic, but what makes it extra lame is the sheer potential to be cool that a scene like this has. I really need to train myself to keep cool and steer the proverbial car back on track when it starts slipping in the wrong direction, my tendency to just give up at that point is simply immature. With SSSS I probably won't have that much of a problem with this issue, since I'm going to allow myself to completely redraw any pages whenever I feel they need it, and it's of course easier to edit out any issues with purely digital linearts anyway. But I can't do that now; absolutely no redraws was the first rule I set for myself when I decided to do a practice comic, mainly for the reason that I just won't be able to finish this thing in time if I slip down that path. :/

To sum up: bad page, could be worse, should be better. I'm off to school, toode-loo!