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Page 188 - August 18, 2012

Creepyness. o_o

Hm, looks like it's Sunday tomorrow, which means it's my holy day of rest and no page to be seen. Which is good, school starts on Monday and I better take some time to prepare myself somehow... not sure how, though. Darn, the summer's been so relieving that I've forgotten what one needs at school! Let's see... I need to cook something practical and good for lunch (I'm so not paying for cafeteria food with all their vegetables and sauces and stuff all touching each other!), pack down some pens, scissors, glue, ruler, markers, watercolors, papers, and I need to not have a panic attack from the sudden change in routine. That should cover it. Well, see you guys with a new page on Monday morning, enjoy the cliffhanger so far. :B