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Page 173 - August 2, 2012

Guess what day it is today! No, don't guess, I'll tell you: it's the day I finished the first page of chapter 5! Which means I'm finally half way done with this comic, can you believe it? One year done, another year to go. I can't see the finish line yet, but I know it's there somewhere in the future I'm sure not going to give up atthis point anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the second half of the comic as long as the first one, if it turns out to be much longer (which I'm a little worried it might be) I'll probably have to add a month or two to my personal deadline. Which I really don't wanna do. ;_;

Anyway, to celebrate this joyous occasion, today's voting incentive for TWC is the final panel of the last page I've finished, aka page 270 and something, the first page of chapter 5! Ah, sneak peeks are always such fun. Don't worry, I've kept it very non-spoilerish. And a great fat thanks to everyone who voted yesterday, it got us all the way into the top 30's I see. Whee! :3

Did I even mention the new main site layout yesterday in my endless ramblings? In case I didn't: new main site layout, everyone! I'll probably keep this one around until the end of the chapter (so for a while), the previous layout was basically just the same as the one before it, only with a different header image and colors. It was time for somehing slightly different. And the whole site is finally built as a PHP template rather than just basic HTML, so that'll make layout changes in the future that much smoother. :3