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Page 169 - July 28, 2012

Pffth, hat hair.

Unlike Paju, who is the same age as Hannu, Joona and Jonna here are two years older than him, which makes them twins. The Viitanen and Kuikka families have been quite close since...always, so these three have known each other since the very beginning of their childhoods, and Joona and Jonna have been pretty much like Hannu's older siblings. Some times keeping him out of trouble, other times deliberately shoving him into it. And they all work at old man Kuikka's bakery slash grocery store. There, a little bit of insight in the relationship functions at play. Oh, and Jonna is the girl-twin, and Joona the boy-twin. Heh, I remember I once had both a Joona and a Jonna in my class back in my teen years, one of our teachers never managed to remember which name belonged to what gender.

A different voting incentive today: a work-in-progress shot of a new layout image I'm working on. That's right, the main layout will get a facelift again. I love designing layouts, so...the current one is also just a slightly modified version of the last one (only different colors and image files, no actual layout changes) and I really want to tweak some things. That's stuff that happens next week. :3

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