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Page 145 - July 2, 2012

Wait... weren't Hannu's gloves a different color on the last page? Yea, they were. I used that strange greenish color at first, but it looked kind of crappy and out of the color scheme I've got going for this chapter, so I changed it to this kind of purpleish blue around page 158 or something. This time I actually went back and edited the previous pages to match the new ones, usually I just leave things as they are and keep pushing forward with new pages. No looking back!

Hm, perhaps I forgot to change the colors on page 14. No, that's unlikely since I always work on these pages in pairs. Maybe I left it as a little reminder of my terrible, initial choise of colors. That page has some weird color stuff going on anyways: tons of different yellow and baby blues (is that a color?) that don't really fit in with the rest of the chapter. Bleeerghh! This one is way better in that sense. x<

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